ORA - Online Repository Assistant - is a tool written by John Cardinal that will retrieve the content from displayed web pages and save it into a 'Control Panel', from where you can either manually copy the content into the relevant place into Legacy.
It can be to add a new person, a Source/citation or details of an event, etc, or more useful, by creating an Auto Type Template.
This can save hours of typing, and giving you a consistent format for your records.
If you have not seen or used ORA before, information can be found at
https://www.ora-extension.com/en/contents.htm where you will find loads of details and demos.

I started using Legacy with version 7 in about 2007 and it is now on version 9.
Beginning with a tree for my direct family which has now been extended to include the wider family.
I am a member of the Society of Genealogists and also doing a One-Name study of my surname with the Guild of One-name studies -
https://one-name.org/ .

In October 2022 I transfered my One name study database to a diferent family tree program calesd Family Historian. This is a British program and is now on version 7.

My ORA templates now have a prefix. If it is FH7 they are for Family Historian and if it is L9 or with no prefix they are for Legacy.