Zoom Meetings:
Alternate Tuesdays. Start at 7.30 pm, Doors open at 7.20 pm, finish at 9 pm UK times.

Alternate Thursdays. Start at 10.30 am, Doors open at 10.15 am, finish at 12 noon UK times.

Occasional extra Tuesday meetings on specific topics, like Ancestral Sources, Ora etc.
In addition to the regular meetings, additional ones can be arranged with small group of new users of Family Historian. If you would like help on any aspect of using Family Historian, contact
Derek Heritage or Ian Boreham



A recording will be made at most of the Group’s meetings and will be available for members to view shortly afterward.

The recordings are a bonus for members who are unable to attend the live session or would like a refresher.

On NO account should these recordings be shared to any place or with any person who is not a member of the Group.



If a member has a friend/relative who they think might be interested in joining the Group, they are allowed to invite that person to a zoom session. But only after they have contacted Derek Heritage or Ian Boreham for permission to do so. This permission is for one zoom session only, after that the guest should apply for membership.

If the guest appears at more than one session before they are members, they will be returned to the waiting room.